Sophie Smith – Turning Heartbreak into Hope

Very few people will, thankfully, ever have to face the level of grief that Sophie Smith has. In 2006, Sophie and her husband Ash discovered that they were pregnant with triplets. In Sophie’s words, they felt like ‘the luckiest people in the world.’

Unfortunately, their triplet boys Henry, Evan and Jasper were born prematurely and despite incredible efforts to save them, they couldn’t overcome their prematurity. Henry lived for one hour, Evan lived for ten days and Jasper lived for 58 days.

In the depths of unimaginable grief, Sophie and Ash decided to channel their heartbreak into something positive and established a running group to raise some money for equipment for the very neonatal unit where they said goodbye to their boys.

On their first run they smashed their fundraising target of $20,000 – raising over $80,000 for four humidicribs and Running for Premature Babies was born.

Fast forward just 13 years later and Running for Premature Babies is a registered Australian Charity and has raised over $3.5 million for life saving equipment for premature babies in neonatal units across Australia.
This episode is an inspiring journey of heartbreak and hope and what’s possible when the most unimaginable grief is into something bigger than the story.

Lyndelle Palmer-Clarke – Launching and scaling a global brand

How we start our days determines how we spend our days. How we spend each day determines our future. What then, is more important than beginning and ending each day with clear intentions, a positive focused mindset and conscious reflection?

There are millions of excellent self-help books, coaches and courses out there but it’s only when you apply that knowledge into your life in a practical way, that will you see lasting results.
That was the key insight that inspired Lyndell Palmer-Clarke to create the Dailygreatness journal. Fast forward nearly a decade and hundreds of thousands of Dailygreatness journals have been shipped to 137 countries.

In this episode Lyndelle openly shares her journey from creating the first journal and starting the business on her kitchen table, to bootstrapping various stages of growth and the challenges of running and scaling a truly global brand.

Pippa Hallas – Driving Change while Maintaining Heritage

A decade ago Pippa Hallas became one of the youngest CEO’s of a major brand when she took over the helm of cosmetics giant Ella Bache at just 33. Since then she’s steered the company through enormous change, has taken risks and made bold moves.

Founded in Paris in 1936 by Pippa’s great aunt, Ella Baché, and grandmother, Edith Hallas, the much-loved brand is now one of the oldest family-owned skincare companies in the world.

In this episode Pippa shares her views on the new frontier of female leadership, why emotional intelligence and vulnerability are now important parts of any leader’s approach and how she’s managing change while maintaining and respecting the enormous brand heritage that is core to the Ella Bache business.

Maxine Windram – Defying the Retail Recession

Maxine Windram is a retail renegade. She not only started a retail business in 2006 with no business experience, she started a lingerie business having never fitted a bra.

Maxine is the founder of Brava Lingerie, a bricks and mortar and online retail business that is achieving what many even larger retail brands can only dream of right now – it’s profitable, it’s growing and it has rock-solid customer loyalty.

Brava has won a host of awards for their customer service excellence and in this episode Maxine shares how she’s done it, the mistakes she’s made and how she’s literally learnt everything there is to know about a retail business, in real time, as she’s done it.

Anthony Bell – High Performance in Sport and Business

Anthony Bell OAM is an accountant, investor, business advisor and entrepreneur. But he’s much more than that. In 2009 he became the only first-time skipper to win a Sydney to Hobart Yacht race. Two years later he skippered another yacht which smashed the line honours record by over three hours. Anthony is also an EPIC fundraiser for charity. He established Loyal Foundation in 2009 and in just a decade has raised over six million dollars for life-saving equipment in hospitals all around Australia.

This episode is an epic chat about strategy – in business, life, yachting, investing and planning for your financial future. It’s also an inspiring insight into a human who embodies high performance in everything he does.

Samuel Johnson – A Man on a Mission

Samuel Johnson is the only Australian who has a Gold Logie, an Order of Australia Medal and A Dancing with the Stars Champion Glitterball in his Trophy Cabinet. But his most EPIC achievement is possibly yet to come.

Samuel is a man on a mission. Almost a decade ago, Sam and his sister Connie became the human face of breast cancer in Australia when Sam rode around Australia on a unicycle to raise money for breast cancer in Connie’s honour. The Love your Sister Charity was born, and since then, has raised over $10 million for cancer vanquishment. Sadly, Connie lost her battle in September 2017 but Samuel and the Love your Sister team are just getting started. This episode will inspire you about what’s possible with a goal, a vision, purpose and sheer people power.

Michael Tate – Lessons in Leadership

Imagine being at the helm of an organisation for over 20 years yet having the same unbridled enthusiasm and infectious energy you did in start-up phase. Well that’s what you get when you meet Michael Tate, the co-founder and CEO of Storage King, the largest self-storage organisation in Australia and New Zealand. Listen to this interview and you’ll not only get swept up in Michael’s passion for what he describes as a ‘pretty un-sexy industry’ and how he loves nothing more than a bit of healthy competition to unleash his inner need to win.

Luke Mangan – Back from the Brink

Luke Mangan Australia’s most successful restauranteur.  With a 20-strong restaurant portfolio spanning four continents, five cruise ships and an airline, an array of product partnerships and 5 books to his name, Luke Mangan has built a household name through a commitment to excellence and a career spanning more than three decades. He was recently awarded the order of Australia medal and in this episode Luke dishes up some lessons on his recipe for success, including the honest account of his ups and downs and how he nearly lost everything more than once.

Jaye Edwards – Taking a Torch to the Rule Book

Jaye Edwards is the founder of Edwards & Co, the fastest-growing (and most expensive) hair salon brand in Australia. In this epic chat, Jaye shares the behind-the-scenes challenges of expanding a brand with no formal business training and no external funding. He also discusses his unique business model and how setting fire to the rule book has enabled him to scale his business and build a unique staff culture.

Di Williams – The Power of Marketing to a Niche

Di Williams is the founder of Fernwood Fitness, a franchised chain of female-only gyms and a brand that just celebrated its 30th birthday. In this episode Di shares her highs and lows and challenges of building a franchise network and why she ignored the advice of several advisors who told her she was crazy to exclude 50% of her potential market.