Maxine Windram – Defying the Retail Recession

Maxine Windram had a hunch. Based on her own experience and those of other women, she knew that the bra shopping experience for bigger busted ladies was generally awful and in many cases downright depressing.

Together with her mother Lin, Maxine got serious about researching this niche consumer market and in 2006, with no retail or bra fitting experience, launched Brava, a lingerie store catering for d-cup and up.

Today, Brava has 6 stores and a booming online business and a cult following that most retailers could only dream about.

Maxine freely admits that she has had a steep learning curve and notes building her own advisory board as one of the many ways she’s made up for her lack of business experience.

She also outlines some of the nuts and bolts of the Brava customer experience strategy and how the Brava business, even in tough times, has doubled down on their customer experience rather than cutting costs.

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