Luke Mangan – Back from the Brink

Luke Mangan Australia’s most successful restauranteur.  With a 20-strong restaurant portfolio spanning four continents, five cruise ships and an airline, an array of product partnerships and 5 books to his name, Luke Mangan has built a household name through a commitment to excellence and a career spanning more than three decades. He was recently awarded the order of Australia medal and in this episode Luke dishes up some lessons on his recipe for success, including the honest account of his ups and downs and how he nearly lost everything more than once.

Jaye Edwards – Taking a Torch to the Rule Book

Jaye Edwards is the founder of Edwards & Co, the fastest-growing (and most expensive) hair salon brand in Australia. In this epic chat, Jaye shares the behind-the-scenes challenges of expanding a brand with no formal business training and no external funding. He also discusses his unique business model and how setting fire to the rule book has enabled him to scale his business and build a unique staff culture.

Di Williams – The Power of Marketing to a Niche

Di Williams is the founder of Fernwood Fitness, a franchised chain of female-only gyms and a brand that just celebrated its 30th birthday. In this episode Di shares her highs and lows and challenges of building a franchise network and why she ignored the advice of several advisors who told her she was crazy to exclude 50% of her potential market.